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Reclaiming The Dream Press Release

New Legacy Press Release

Conceived by illustrious, educators, community minded artists and visionaries, focused on inspiring the world through thought provoking, meaningful and historic works personified through the art of dance and music, "The New Legacy. Reclaiming The Dream" celebrates global cultural diversity and the charge of transgenerational legacy as inspired by US history and the historic presidency of US President Barack Obama.

Presented by the Award-Winning, Atlanta-based ViZion Dance, Inc. ("America's Best Inspirational Dance Company" ) in collaboration with the global humanitarian organization, The A.D. King Foundation ( this historical and profound documentary and performance tribute was developed as an Arts and Social Reconstruction dance and music production. It will also explore social and intergenerational issues that have shaped the psychological shift in America, celebrate the many icons, legends and events that have shaped our society, as a whole, in global civil rights, and recognize the lasting legacy due to the numerous sacrifices proffered by countless numbers of individuals. "The New Legacy" Director/Choreographer is the first African American to win a Tony Award ("The Wiz" on Broadway), Dr. George Faison. Read more...

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