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The New Legacy, USA Overview

"The arts are not just a nice thing to have or to do if there is free time or if one can afford it. Rather, paintings and poetry, music and fashion, design and dialogue, they all define who we are as a people and provide an account of our history for the next generation."
- First Lady Michelle Obama

"More than ever...we need our artists and patrons, our historians and educators to help us make sense of the world in which we live, to remind us about what really matters in life."
- President Bill Clinton (Ceremony Presidential Medals of Honor - 1998)

New Legacy USA is an initiative for social reconstruction in 21st Century America. It includes: social & broadcast media, public forums, civic involvement, the arts and Humanities, psycho-social community building and politics, legislation, faith, health and wellness, business, K-16 education, local national and international methods for 21st Century use of science, media, technology and economic theories and philosophies.

The New Legacy USA relates to the intellectual and civic Americana of the African American freedom struggles, initiatives and American inventions, civil rights and legislative and popular culture contributions to human rights, world-culture, & national and international social progress.

Projected projects for special events and initiatives will include: "The New Legacy: Reclaiming The Dream Full Length Ballet (Arts and Social Reconstruction performance piece directed by Tony Award-winner- Dr. George Faison; Creative Director, Emmy Award-Winner, Wyatt Jackson; Artistic Director, American Military Veteran, Monique Barashango (Founder, ViZion Dance Inc.)

    Trilogy 21 Arts: ViZion Dance, Inc. and Dunham 21 Arts Projects
  • One Safe Community: Violence Reduction - The Community Engagement Town Hall Meeting Series
  • Civics, Social Studies and Health Today Platforms for elders, seniors, adults and children
  • National and International Entrepreneurial Studies in Industrialized Nations
  • The Divided Minds Metaphor and the No Walls Churches
  • Connecting the Productive Diaspora for Economic and Civic Progress

About The Principals

Naomi King

Founder & Chair Emeritus, Board of Directors, A.D. King Foundation

Mrs. Naomi King is an award winning civil rights activist, author and promoter of youth and women empowerment . She is the recipient of the S. C. L. C. Rosa Parks Freedom Award, Hope Worldwide Living Legend Award, Principled Life Award, Zambians Freedom, Justice and Peace Award, Global Citizens Award, and has received many proclamations from various states and more. A.D. King Foundation is a non-profit, youth empowerment organization that encourages the implementation of non-violent social change strategies as a way of life throughout the world. The goal is to build a beloved community with "Social Justice and Entrepreneurship" as the center core. Dedicated to highlighting Rev. A.D. Williams King’s enormous contributions to the civil rights movement, The Foundation is intended to educate the public about the real history of the civil rights movements, the strategies employed, the timing, the circumstances and the role of the legends of the movement. Read more...

Monique Barashango

Founder, ViZion Dance, Inc.

Producer/songwriter, and health advocate, Monique Barashango, has dedicated her life to improving the mental , physical, and spiritual well being of youth and the global community. While working as a substitute in various schools, she established an inspirational, empowerment resource to positively nurture the talents and self-esteem of troubled youth, called ViZion Dance, Inc.. Read more...

Dr. Babatunde Onabanjo

Founder / CEO, A.D. King Foundation

Dr. Babatunde Olusegun Onabanjo is an international leader, educator, tireless activist, educator, businessman, and family man.. He is the Founder and CEO of the project's co-sponsoring organization, AD King Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to preserving the legacy of Rev. AD King (brother of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) as well as promoting non-violence and empowering youth. One of his platforms with the Foundation is corporate responsibility for youth empowerment and social justice. Read more...


W. Calvin Anderson

CEO, One Safe Community

W. Calvin Anderson, M.Ed is a poet, author, publisher, educator, promoter, producer and development consultant.

He started singing, reciting and performing at Nathan Hale Elementary School during Friday afternoon rotating class performances encouraged by grade-level "competitive" teachers. Later on, his English teacher Ms. Miller in the 7th grade at Isaac E. Young Junior H.S. in New Rochelle, NY where he was born, introduced me to the late Mr. Ossie Davis. This began a lifelong friendship with the late Ossie and Ruby Dee Davis. ( History: he was published at 17 as a "Glow-Child" performance poet (Ruby Dee’s anthology) and mentored under the loving care of the late Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis.) He has worked with the famous couple in many professional capacities as well with products, projects and public relations. They are ever-present in his spirit. Read more...

Carol Lloyd

CEO, The Dunham Institute (Atlanta), Dunham 21

Carol's background in the arts and entertainment arenas include being en pointe with a multitude of expertise in management and production from various arenas. With a specialty in high end birthday celebrations, Carol's passion for excellence provided the impetus to mobilize committees, communities and individuals to effectively produce numerous first class signature events. Her holistic approach to each client produces sold-out, memorable events. Her most recent success was the design, concept and execution of the Centennial Birthday Celebration honoring one of America’s most treasured pioneers, Dr. Amelia Boynton Robinson. 2010 celebrated her commitment to youth in her production of a 20th year celebration of a pioneering orchestral group. In 2009, she served as Executive Producer/Campaign Director of the "Yes We Care"" Campaign to Save and Restore Morris Brown College; Executive Producer/Souvenir Program Guide Specialist -- "Narratives of My Life: A Spiritual Journey" 85th Birthday Celebration and Symposium; Program Director/General Manager -- "Youth Arts Initiative" at Atlanta Preparatory Academy. Read more...