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Obama. The Legacy. Reclaiming The Dream

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The Legacy Project Overview

Founded by illustrious, community minded artists and visionaries, focused on inspiring the world through thought provoking, meaningful and historic works personified through the art of dance and music, "Obama. The Legacy. Reclaiming The Dream." celebrates global cultural diversity as inspired by the intriguing life of our Commander In Chief, President Barack Obama.

This documentary and performance tribute, developed as a full–length Ballet and music production, will also celebrate the icons, legends and events that have shaped our society, as a whole, in global civil rights, and the lasting legacy that has been the result of the numerous sacrifices proffered by countless numbers of individuals. The non-profit,501-c3 humanitarian organization, the AD King Foundation, is a partner in this endeavor.

The project, conceptualized by award winning choreographers Monique Barashango (American military veteran) and DeWayne Jamar Brown, features ViZion Dance International, LLC (an award-winning, Atlanta based dance and dramatic arts ensemble that strives to solve some of our most divisive social problems through global projects that promote peace, and an appreciation of cultural diversity) as well as numerous world renown choreographers and guest artists. Complete with a spectacular original soundtrack, the "Obama. The Legacy. Reclaiming The Dream" visually personifies global harmony through the performing arts! The diverse, culturally international cast reflects a background of multidisciplinary experiences as dancers, percussionists, vocalists, choreographers, thespians, poets, academics, gymnasts and social activists of all ages. The highly theatrical, Broadway-worthy stage production, features Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Modern, Contemporary, African, Hawaiian, Aerial and East Asian Dance, Liturgical, The Lindy Hop and so much more, while taking the audience through a visual journey of Mr. Obama's life story. Advisors to the project include: Emmy/ Peabody Award-winning choreographer and Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre music composer, Wyatt Jackson; internationally renown playwright, Aduke Aremu (Harlem Children's Theatre Company Founder); Music Director, BOP TV/Brooklyn West Records CEO, Michael Campbell; Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Alumna, Donna Addison-Haseltine; Choreographer and Producer to the stars, C-Los Munoz (Zonum Media Group). Also featured in the project will be amazing youth artists such as singer and award winning anti-bullying advocate, Israel Price, world renown B-girl, Honey Rockwell ( whose life was the basis for the movie, "Honey") as well as internationally renown, all-female African drum and dance ensemble, Giwayen Mata, directed by Spelman College professor Omelika Kuumba.

The accompanying documentary (Produced/ Directed by Holy Hill Films, LLC), is tentatively entitled, "VOYAGE TO LEGACY: RECLAIMING THE DREAM". The film will chronicle the journey of the company dancers and choreographers from the beginning stages of the production, "Obama. The Legacy. Reclaiming The Dream" to the culmination of the journey with its presentation to President Obama and the First Family. Directed/ Written by award-winning filmmaker Cassandra Hollis, the film will feature particular dancers for whom dance is their life line and inspiration which motivates them to overcome some tough real life struggles. Their journey is juxtaposed against the backdrop of showing the relevance of dance being used to highlight the most poignant, turning point moments in President Obama's life. The heart of the film will highlight comments from Civil Rights Legends and prolific artists and visionaries of the current generation who will talk about the social relevance of telling this story through the Arts, particularly Dance and Film, and what Mr. Obama's legacy means along the spectrum of the Global Civil Rights Movement as well as its influence on the future.

Well known for their community involvement and commitment to social change, ViZion Dance International's 2014 community platform is "Anti-Bullying" which will be supported with the administering of free community dance and fitness workshops as well as Anti-Bullying panel discussions with community leaders and popular artists prior to each performance.

Sponsorships are currently being sought for the myriad of expenses and costs associated with presenting this type of artistic venture. Your support is humbly appreciated as we continue to move this beautiful creative and inspirational work forward in the form of an international tour as well as continue our untiring and relentless commitment to youth and community service through the arts that will continue to shape mankind globally.

Thank you,
The Legacy Project Team